Treatment Room

The treatment rooms are very large to allow treatments to be performed from any side of the table. The treatment room pictured here is a mobilization room. All rooms have Ergonomic Hi-Lo hydraulic tables which will raise and lower for ease of getting on and off and to allow our clinicians to keep their own body mechanics in proper alignment while performing treatments. The table shown here is a Mob table which will pivot in a multitude of ways while manual therapy is performed. All rooms have the normal bright clinical lighting , but they also have soft lights with dimmer switches to allow for a more relaxing effect along with soft music. Not pictured in this room but in the regular treatment rooms we have high tech Ultra Sound and Electrical Stimulation Units. The E-Stim units can perform 7 different modes of E-Stim. Ultra Sound and massage both require the use of gel or lotion so each room will also have gel warmers to make the application more comfortable.